• Outstanding Serviceability
  • Intergrated dual display for Casher and customer
  • Flexible Angle Adjustment 10 - 90
  • Intel ATOM N270 1.6GHz; D525, 1.8Ghz; Core 2 DUO processor are available
  • Options of Second Display, Customer Display, MSR
  • Resistive touch-screen technology
  • Safe and Reliable

HK800 Series Specifications

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Hisense POS HK800 Specifications

Product Name  HK800  HK800  HK800
Screen  15" Resistive Touch-screen  15" Resistive Touch-screen  15" Resistive Touch-screen
Processor  Intel ATOM N270 1.6GHz   Intel ATOM D525 1.8GHz  Intel Cored2 Dual 2.0G
Standard Dimensions  H370 x W360 x D250mm  
Weight  18kg  18kg  18kg
System Memory  1G DDR2(2G max)  1G DDR3(2G max)  1G DDR2(4G max)
Hard Disk Drive/Solid State Drive  250GB SATA HDD  250GB SATA HDD  250GB SATA HDD
Expansion Slot  1 PCI  1 PCI  1 PCI
USB Ports  5  5  3
RS-232 Ports  4  4  4
PS/2  2  1  2
Parallel  1  1  1
RJ45 Ethernet  2  1  1
Audio Ports/Speakers  1  1  1
Cash Drawer Port  1(optional)  1  1(optional)
Operation System supported  Microsoft Windows POSReady 2009; Microsoft XP Professional; Microsoft WEPOS; Microsoft Windows vista; Microsoft Windows  WES7;WIN7  
Optional Peripherals    
Operator Display  12" LCD  
Customer Display  VFD/LCD  
Second Display  10"/12"/15" TFT LCD  
Printers  80mm Thermal Printer  
Wireless  WIFI  
MSR  1-2-3 Track  
Limited Warranty  Flexiable Warranty time According to market. Multi-year additional service offered