EPoS Cash & Carry Software

EPoS Cash & Carry

  • Co. Info settings.
  • Promo message settings for receipts.
  • User settings: access rights.
  • Employee settings, commissions, working hours, pay rates.
  • Supplier management.
  • Purchase order - reorder min stock, product linked to supplier, add new product.
  • Goods Received - Stock in goods arriving and allocate locations.
  • Stock location management - once locations, bin location and multi locations.


Cash & Carry Discription

Wholesale software simplifies lots of tough tasks that you face in wholesale industry. The cash and carry software helps you to run your business smoothly and increase your returns on investment. EPoS cash and carry includes the modules like wholesale distribution software, wholesale accounting software, wholesale management software and wholesale distribution software. All the modules collectively help you to do your wholesale business much better than ever.

EPoS Software for cash and carry augments quality of customer service, improve the store performance, maintain employee accounts, store customer details, and manage stocks.